Preliminary Program (confirmed speakers)

Day 1 - June 26th 2024

12.00 am                Arrival and registration

02.00 pm                Pre-event: Young investigator's session (organised by the ESC Scientists of Tomorrow)

04.00 pm                Welcome mixer and reception

05.00 pm                Opening plenary session

                               Keynote Lecture: Douglas Mann

06.00 pm                Symposium 1: Clinical Trials Session

         Ziad Mallat (GB): "Low-dose interleukin-2 and vascular inflammation in patients with acute coronary syndromes"

         Florian Leuscher (GER): "Myeloid cell responses after myocardial infarction"

         Burkhard Ludewig (CH): "Treatment of myocarditis through modulation of the cardiac microenvironment"

08.00 pm                Dinner



Day 2 - June 27th 2024

08.30 am                Symposium 2: Inter organ networks

         Florian Kahles (GER): "Targeting the gut as a novel therapeutic approach for CVD"

         Jana Grune (GER): "Acute respiratory distress syndrome disrupts cardiac macrophage subsets"

         Stefanie Dimmeler (GER): "Bone-marrow - heart interactions during aging"

10.15 am                Coffee break

10.45 am                Symposium 3: Arrhythmia and electrophysiology


         Matthias Nahrendorf (USA): "Cardiac immune cells and arrhythmia"


12.30 pm                Lunch and poster viewing

02.00 pm                Symposium 4: Immune mechanism in non-ischemic Cardiomyopathies

         Pilar Alcaide (USA): "T cell immune responses heart failure with reduced and preserved ejection fraction"

         Kory Lavine (USA)


03.45 pm                Coffee break

04.15 pm                Symposium 5: Cardio-oncology and engineered T cells

         Pilar Martin (ESP): "Unraveling ICI-Induced Myocarditis: Biomarkers and Targets"

         Joel Rurik (SWE): "Emerging in vivo generated cell therapies for heart disease"


06.00 pm                Poster presentation

08.00 pm                Dinner



Day 3 - June 28th 2024

08.30 am                Symposium 6: Role of infections in myocardial diseases

         Brenda Gerull (GER): "MCMV infection induces cardiomyopathy in genetically predisposed mouse models"

         Marinos Kallikourdis (ITA): "Cardio-Long-COVID and autoimmunity: useful hints on the mechanism driving cardiac pathology"


10.15 am                Coffee break

10.45 am                Closing keynote: Sumanth D. Prabhu (USA)

12.30 am                Round table discussions and conclusion of the meeting

01.00 pm                Adjourn


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